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Machine Learning Engineer and Evangelist @Flyte

Open-source is growing fast, so are its contributors. At Flyte, we have had meaningful contributions from many contributors who have helped us improve Flyte’s codebase and made us think through unseen perspectives. We have always wanted to have more such contributions to expand our horizons. …

Understand how Flyte offers Recoverability and Reproducibility

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We all love “undoing” when things don’t work as expected. Imagine the pain we would have to experience without such an option; we can’t just revert to or pull from what we have been working on before.

From the perspective of machine learning or data pipelines, going back in time…

Understand multiprocessing in no more than 6 minutes

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Multiprocessing is quintessential when a long-running process has to be speeded up or multiple processes have to execute parallelly. Executing a process on a single core confines its capability, which could otherwise spread its tentacles across multiple cores. …

Highly performant means to shard and process large datasets in parallel

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MapReduce is a prominent terminology in the Big Data vocabulary owing to the ease of handling large datasets with the “map” and “reduce” operations. …

Here’s why Striveworks chose Flyte as its workflow engine

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By: Jake Neyer (Software Engineer at Striveworks)

At Striveworks, we are building a one-of-a-kind data science platform by integrating the building blocks that most data science teams already have in their tool belts and adding a few new ones to streamline the process to get from a business question to…

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Run-time dependency is an important consideration when building machine learning or data processing pipelines. Consider a case where you want to query your database x number of times where x can be resolved only at run-time. Here, looping is the ultimate solution (manually writing by hand is unfeasible!). When there’s…

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Machine Learning isn’t cheap. Chiefly, when one massive model or several multiple models are to be built, it eats up your time, money, and effort. Imagine wanting to revert to a previous model artifact if the current model isn’t performing as effectively as the previous model. If you do not…

The ultimate guide to understanding cron jobs

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You may often need to spin up your tasks (jobs) automatically without any manual intervention (e.g. when backing up your database). You might not be available to spin the tasks up or maybe you want the machine to pick them up and run them. …

An eBook for all those who’d like to know the intricacies of the tech industry

I’m Samhita Alla — a Tools Developer and Tester at Oracle. I like developing applications and writing blogs about Python and Machine Learning.

After learning the two most important concepts required for not flunking an interview — data structures and system design, and bombing the interviews despite trying to understand…

By Samhita Alla and Neil Conway

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Object Detection is an important task in computer vision. Using deep learning for object detection can result in highly accurate models, but developers can also run into several challenges. First, deep learning models are very expensive to train — even using GPUs, modern object…

Samhita Alla

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