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And handle feature-engineered data effectively in an ML pipeline

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This blog is with reference to a talk titled “Self-serve Feature Engineering Platform Using Flyte and Feast,” which was presented by Ketan Umare and Felix Wang at OSPOCon 2021, Seattle.

Feature engineering is one of the greatest challenges in applied machine learning. It is the process of transforming raw data…

Open-source is growing fast, so are its contributors. At Flyte, we have had meaningful contributions from many contributors who have helped us improve Flyte’s codebase and made us think through unseen perspectives. We have always wanted to have more such contributions to expand our horizons. …

Here’s why Striveworks chose Flyte as its workflow engine

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By: Jake Neyer (Software Engineer at Striveworks)

At Striveworks, we are building a one-of-a-kind data science platform by integrating the building blocks that most data science teams already have in their tool belts and adding a few new ones to streamline the process to get from a business question to…

An eBook for all those who’d like to know the intricacies of the tech industry

I’m Samhita Alla — a Tools Developer and Tester at Oracle. I like developing applications and writing blogs about Python and Machine Learning.

After learning the two most important concepts required for not flunking an interview — data structures and system design, and bombing the interviews despite trying to understand…

Samhita Alla

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